High Back vs Mid Back Chair: Which One is Better ?

by Administrator | May 05, 2023

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

    Are you confused  about High back vs mid back chair, which one is best for you? When it comes to selecting an office chair, one of the most important factors to consider is the backrest.We are come help you to select your perfect chair according to your needs

    A high back chair provides support for the neck and head. It may also have a built-in support feature. While a mid back chair provides less support, it still provides adequate comfort thanks to the tilt control mechanisms.

    High back chairs are best suited for working at desks or in executive settings where extra posture support is needed throughout long periods of time; whereas mid back chairs are more suitable for casual environments such as break rooms or conference rooms since they can be adjusted quickly if someone needs to take a seat during meetings.

    High back chairs and mid back chairs both have their own unique benefits. High back chairs provide maximum support for the neck and head, making them ideal for long periods of sitting as they offer more comfort than a traditional low-back chair.

    Ultimately, the type of chair you choose depends on your individual preferences, budget and specific ergonomic requirements.     

    In this article, we will explore the differences between high back vs mid back chairs, and help you determine which one is the best fit for your needs.

    Introduced With High Back Chair 

    If your height is high and you need a chair with a more adjustable headrest then a high back chair is perfect for you.

    High back office chairs are designed to give extra support to the neck and head. They are generally more expensive than low back chairs and can look less ergonomic.

    The back of a high-back chair is usually longer than the back of a regular office chair, extends over the shoulders, and at times has an adjustable headrest.

    Your neck and upper back will not be put under undue stress because of this ergonomic design, which is also incredibly comfortable to use.

    high back office chair

    Features And Benefit  of High Back Chairs

    Rear Seat Height

    A high back chair’s taller backrest that comes above the shoulder blades and at times has an adjustable headrest is one of its main characteristics. The neck and head are given the most support possible because to this design, which additionally supports good posture and reduces pressure on the upper back and shoulders.

    High back chairs can be uncomfortable or overly constricting for some people to sit in for long periods of time.

    Back Support

    Similar to mid-back chairs, high-back chairs frequently have lumbar support elements to preserve the spine’s natural curve and lessen lower back pain. Lumbar support comes in a variety of forms, including built-in and adjustable lumbar support.

    High back chairs often include lumbar support that is more sophisticated and individualised than mid back chairs, giving the lower back more precise support.

    Headrest, if any

    An adjustable headrest is a common feature of high back chairs, supporting the head and neck during longer durations of sitting. With better posture and less discomfort, this feature may reduce stress on the upper back and shoulders.

    Level of Comfort

    When selecting a high back chair, comfort is a key consideration. The type of padding utilized, the form of the seat, and the chair’s adjustability are all elements that might impact comfort. It’s critical to properly adjust the chair to match your body in order to experience maximum comfort. This could entail altering the headrest, lumbar support, tilt angle, and seat height.

    Price Range

    High back chairs are typically more expensive than mid back chairs due to their advanced features and design. However, the price range can vary depending on the brand and specific features. Factors that can affect the price of a high back chair include the materials used, the level of adjustability, and the quality of the lumbar support.

    When Should I Use a High Back Office Chair?

    If you spend long periods of time sitting without taking breaks, often experience neck pain when seated, have a spacious office, like to lean back and recline from time to time, or wish to project a sense of influence and power, then a high back office chair is a suitable choice for you.

    A high back chair provides maximum support for the neck and head, promoting proper posture and reducing strain on the upper back and shoulders. It also often includes adjustable lumbar support, customizable tilt angles, and an adjustable headrest, which can further enhance comfort during long periods of sitting..

    Introduced With Mid Back Chair

    An office chair with a mid-back often has a backrest that reaches the shoulder blades or just below them. While allowing for more movement in the upper back and shoulders, this design supports the lower and middle back. Mid-back chairs are made to promote proper posture while providing a sufficient level of comfort. They frequently have movable arms and tilt controls, which let you change your sitting position and offer enough lower-back support.

    Mid office chair

    Features And Benefit Of Mid Back Chairs

    Back Support

    Lumbar support is another important element of mid-back chairs. Lumbar support comes in a variety of forms, including built-in and adjustable lumbar support.

    Maintaining the spine’s natural curve and minimizing lower back pain require lumbar support.

    Lumbar support not only eases pain, but also supports better posture and protects against long-term spinal problems.

    Rear Seat Height

    When it comes to mid back chairs, one of the most crucial characteristics is the height of the backrest. The back of a mid-back chair reaches the shoulder blades or below. This gives the upper back and shoulders more movement accessibility while supporting the lower and middle back.

    Headrest (if present)

    The majority of mid-back chairs do not have headrests.

    But some mid-back chairs might come with a removable headrest.By supporting the neck and head, a headrest can assist lessen the strain on your upper back and shoulders.

    If you don’t want one, you don’t have to get one.

    Comfort Level

    Comfort is an important consideration when choosing a mid back chair.

    Many factors can affect comfort, including the type of padding used, the shape of the seat, and the adjustability of the chair.

    To achieve optimum comfort, it’s essential to fit the chair to your body properly.

    It could mean adjusting the seat height, tilt angle, and lumbar support.

    Price Range

    Generally, mid back chairs are less expensive than high back chairs.

    Most mid back chairs can vary in price based on the brand and features.

    Factors that could affect the price of a mid back chair include the materials, level of adjustability, and quality of the lumbar support.

    It is vital to choose a mid-back chair that fits your budget while also providing the necessary features for optimum comfort and support.

    When Should I Use a Mid Back Office Chair?

    high ergonomic office chair and mid office chair

    Mid back office chairs are ideal for short to medium length sitting, spatially-challenged work areas and office cubicles, minimalist room design, conference rooms, and when portability is important.

    These chairs provide adequate comfort and support with a shorter backrest that typically includes adjustable lumbar support and adjustable armrests.

    Mid back chairs also often come with tilt control mechanisms that allow you to customize your sitting position. When selecting a chair, it’s important to consider your individual preferences and ergonomic needs.

    Differences Between a High Back Vs Mid Back Chair at a Glance

    FeaturesMid Back ChairHigh Back Chair
    Backrest HeightTypically up to shoulder blades.This provides support for the lower and middle back.Extends above shoulder blades for support to upper back and neck.
    HeadrestMid back chairs usually do not include a headrest.High back chairs often come with a headrest that is either built-in or adjustable. The headrest provides support for the neck and head, reducing strain on the upper back and shoulders. 
    Lumbar SupportMay or may not be included, sometimes adjustable.High back chairs often come with built-in lumbar support that is designed to fit the natural curve of the spine.
    ComfortMay not be comfortable for tall people.More comfortable for tall people.
    PriceGenerally less expensive.Usually more expensive due to additional features.  

    High Back Vs Mid Back Chair Which Is Better For Office ?

    x7 ergonomic office chair and x7 mid office chair

    When it comes to choosing an office chair, there are many options available. High back and mid-back chairs both offer their own unique advantages and drawbacks. Many people prefer high back chairs because they provide adjustable headrests, the ergonomic design of these chairs ensures healthy posture and maximum comfort for hours on end. The contoured seat allows your body to sink into the chair for superior lumbar support, helping alleviate any strain on your neck or back from long workdays.

    Additionally, the higher back can help promote good posture by keeping the spine aligned in a natural position for extended periods of time. On the other hand, mid-back chairs offer a sleeker profile that takes up less space in an office setting while still providing adequate lumbar support. They also tend to be lighter than high backs making them easier to move around as needed.

    Ultimately, which type is better for you depends on your specific needs when it comes to comfort and ergonomics since everyone’s body is different. From our experience , we think high back chair is best for the office

    Final Tips

    At the end, our high back VS mid back chair comparison our decision both chairs are great seating options for offices ,gamers or any uses. High back chairs provide more support for your upper body and head, while mid-back chairs often have a sleek modern design with adjustable features that can add to the comfort of any office space. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which type of chair best suits your needs.

    If you tell me to choose one then i choose a high back chair considering my tall height, comfort and upper body support. But if you have tight budget then you can buy mid back chair

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