Guest & Visitor Chair

  • 1.5MM thickness tube for the leg
  • Injection molding of plywood and foam
  • Adopt LY series fabric with grade 4 waterproof and grade 6 oil resistance
  • Bifma 5.1 standard


Design Visitor Chair That Only Belongs To Your Company

Vaseat accepts product comparisons from all office chair brands, and our unique visitor chair models can better make your business stand out in any project. Unlike cheap chairs on the market, Vaseat Guest chair combines practicality with imagination, bringing design back to reality and making an unrivaled high-quality Office Guest chair.


Say goodbye to wobbly visitor chairs

In the process of intensively designing the office guest & visitor chair, our skilled craftsmen will pay attention to every detail and find the best setting through repeated tests. Adding QC process in every production link will kill bad handicrafts in the cradle, which will ensure that our visitor chairs will continue to be in perfect condition after delivery.


One-Stop Office Guest chair Solution

Vaseat Office Guest chair has a variety of different designs, and is favored by government,univercity,hospital, corporate conference halls and other engineering projects. Vaseat has helped many 500+ global companies win projects from governments, hospitals and schools. Our One-stop service will help you win more orders in the future.

  • OEM & ODM Customization
  • Any Shape& Any Size

Vaseat Ergonomics Chair Features

  • 1.Adjustability

    The basis of the science and comfort of an ergonomic chair lies in its adjustability. Therefore, an ergonomic chair should be adjustable, and the more adjustable parts the better, so the seat surface, the height of the backrest, the height of the lumbar support, the angle of inclination, and the height of the armrests can all be adjusted according to the user's needs, and users can customize according to their own weight and favorite sitting posture.
  • 2.Lumbar support

    A chair with good lumbar support helps maintain the natural curve of the user's spine and can take the pressure off the lumbar spine and other musculoskeletal tissues of the back.
  • 3.Mesh

    Good elasticity and breathability, so it is very comfortable when using our chair. In addition, Vaseat Ergonomics has passed the REACH test of the European Union (that is, it does not contain any harmful heavy metals and other substances)
  • 4.Armrest

    The adjustable degree of freedom is very high, including height adjustment, angle adjustment, width adjustment, depth adjustment, etc. The adjustable armrests can match various sitting and lying positions that the user desires.
  • 5.Casters

    Casters on the base of the chair can make it easier to move around the work area.
  • 6.Chair Swivel Function

    The swivel function allows the user to easily reach different parts of the workspace without getting up.
  • 7.Size and Load Capacity

    Make sure the chair is the right size for the user and can support their weight.
  • 8.Seat Depth Adjustment

    Adjustable seat depth allows the user to customize the distance between the knees and the front of the seat panel. This helps reduce stress on the legs and improves blood circulation.
  • 9.Synchronous reclining function

    The synchronous reclining mechanism allows the backrest and the seat to tilt together. The synchronous reclining function provides good support for the hips, knees, ankles, and shoulder blades. The seat with the synchronous reclining function is a seat that can follow the user moves the chair.
  • 10.Headrest

    The headrest can support the neck and the head, making the human head and neck fit closer to the headrest, better supporting the neck, and reducing the pressure on the upper back and shoulders.

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