Ergonomic Office Chair

Comfortable Ergonomic Swivel Office Chairs

SK5 Ice Mesh

Indulge in the ultimate comfort and productivity of our ergonomic swivel office chairs, featuring innovative Ice Mesh technology.


Take a Closer Look of
Comfortable Ergonomic Swivel Office Chairs

  • All knob are at your fingertips, no need to bend over, easy to adjust.
  • Soft Material height Adjustable Cervical Headrest
  • Double waist design, wider support range, effectively support the waist.Adjustable up and down
  • Short seat design, make the health more natural.
  • Adjustable Armrests(arm width and height adjustable), soft PU pad design
  • Mould foam seat with ergonomic cushion

Ultimate Seating Experience

The SK5 ergonomic chair (Ice Mesh) adorned in a mesmerizing weave of coolness. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this chair combines innovative design and superior functionality. Immerse yourself in a world of ultimate relaxation as you settle into the embrace of our unique mesh creation. Elevate your seating experience with unrivaled ergonomic support and a touch of elegance that transcends conventional boundaries.

Sophisticated SK5 Ice Mesh Ergonomic Chair with Breathable Mesh and Stylish Table
An elephant sitting on Sk5 Ice mesh ergonomic chair track design base, showcasing its sturdy design and ample space.

Unleash the might of durability

Our track design chair base exceeds international BIFMA standards, a testament to its unparalleled strength. Crafted with precision and care, it ensures longevity that surpasses expectations. Elevate your seating experience with a masterpiece that embodies unwavering resilience and enduring quality.

Unleashing Versatility: Designed for All

Seamlessly versatile and designed for all, SK5 Ice Mesh Ergonomics chair captivates with its functional brilliance. Experience its adaptability through a conceptual illustration that showcases its ability to cater to individuals of all heights. Discover a chair that effortlessly adapts to your needs, delivering both style and functionality in perfect harmony.

Unleash the coolness of summer

Our exclusive Ice Silk Mesh, meticulously developed by Vaseat, offers a refreshing seating experience unlike any traditional mesh. Feel the icy sensation as you sit on our ergonomic chair, enveloped in unparalleled comfort. Embrace innovation in design and indulge in a unique blend of style and cooling luxury.

Various Colour
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SK5 (Ice Mesh)

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  • SK5 Ice mesh office chair
  • SK5 Ice mesh office chair
  • SK5 Ice mesh office chair
  • SK5 Ice mesh office chair
  • SK5 Ice mesh office chair


K5-GAM Ergonomic High Back Office Chair Sketch and dimensions of each part
lead-time5-25 days depends on the order quantity
packing-size72*65*61 cm/2pcs
packing-method1pc/ctn OR 2pc/ctn
product-modelSK5 Ice Mesh

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I have a tour of your factory?

    Our experts will guide you through the entire Vaseat tour (both offline and online).

  • About Vaseat warranty period?

    5 years, we will locate the problem and send you a new solution, and ship you brand new parts free of charge.

  • Can you deliver to my freight forwarder in China?

    Yes, we offer shipping arrangements to China, and we will safely deliver even a single sample to your forwarder.

  • What kind of customization services can I get?

    Depending on your type of business and business purpose, we will provide very flexible customization services, such as logo printing, packaging customization, special color customization, marketing brochure customization services, etc.

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