Ergonomic Office Chair

Office Desk Chair Swivel Ergonomic Chair


Experience exceptional comfort and support with our ergonomic swivel chairs with 360-degree swivel and ergonomic design. Shop our SM6 office chair collection today and enhance your work experience.


Take a Closer Look of
Office Desk Chair Swivel Ergonomic Chair

  • Lumbar support: it can be adjust up and down easily
  • The seat with sliding function (the depth of the seat can be adjusted), the hollow mesh design is more comfortable to sit and maintains effective support for the thighs.
  • Seat height adjustable by grade 4 gas lift (Lifting stroke 100MM.
  • The wrie control aluminum mechanism:back can be tilting locked in 4 different position.
  • Tension adjustment system to adjusts back tightness
  • 3D adjustment armrest

SM6-GH: designed for the managerial sector

We understand that in the modern working environment, comfort and well-being are essential to increase productivity and reduce fatigue. Therefore, our ergonomic chairs have been carefully developed to provide optimal support and comfort.

SM6-GH: well above the standard

The SM6-GH ergonomic chair, which has an excellent load bearing capacity, is well above normal testing standards. After rigorous testing, our chairs have a load bearing capacity of over 1400KGS, this is to ensure that the chairs still provide solid support even under the most demanding conditions.

Easily win government, school and various project

SM6-GH ergonomic chairs are carefully designed and developed to meet the needs of government, schools, and all types of engineering projects. Not only do our chairs offer superior comfort and support, they also feature several patented technologies to ensure you have an edge over your bids and competition.

SM6-GH: Meeting the needs of people of different heights

Whether you’re tall, short or medium height, a manager, a student or any profession, our ergonomic chairs have you covered. The versatile design and adjustable components allow the chairs to adapt to different heights and preferences, giving you optimal comfort and support in the office, at school or in other settings.

Various Colour
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SM6-GH Gary

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  • SM6-GH office chair
  • SM6-GH office chair
  • SM6-GH office chair
  • SM6-GH office chair
  • SM6-GH office chair


SM6-GH Parameter Pictures
packing-method1pc/ctn OR 2pc/ctn
lead-time5-25 days depends on the order quantity
warranty5 yeas

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I have a tour of your factory?

    Our experts will guide you through the entire Vaseat tour (both offline and online).

  • About Vaseat warranty period?

    5 years, we will locate the problem and send you a new solution, and ship you brand new parts free of charge.

  • Can you deliver to my freight forwarder in China?

    Yes, we offer shipping arrangements to China, and we will safely deliver even a single sample to your forwarder.

  • What kind of customization services can I get?

    Depending on your type of business and business purpose, we will provide very flexible customization services, such as logo printing, packaging customization, special color customization, marketing brochure customization services, etc.

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