Office Chair Explosion Incidents: Causes and Solutions

by Administrator | Sep 18, 2023

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Office chair explosions may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, but the reality is far from fiction. Today’s workplace, where ergonomics and comfort are crucial, introduces a hidden danger to the seemingly harmless office chair.

Office chair explosions are becoming an increasingly serious concern, causing injuries, property damage, and even legal complications. Understanding the causes of these incidents and exploring effective solutions are crucial to ensuring your safety and that of your colleagues.

Our goal with this blog is to shed light on the causes, potential risks, and most importantly, how to prevent office chair explosions.

Come along with us on this journey to make your workplace both comfortable and safe from the unexpected threat of chair explosions.

Do Office Chair Explosions?


There have been some instances where office chairs experienced explosive incidents, although these cases are extremely rare and not representative of the typical behaviour of office chairs. To better understand these incidents, it’s important to look at how the pressurised gas cylinders in an office chair operates.

Some incident which are occurs by the office chair explosions these are given below

Three images of office chairs Explosions, mainly due to the explosion at the seat cushion and gas lift.

One notable office chair explosion occurred in 2013 when a Chinese woman was severely injured due to her computer chair exploding. According to her brother’s account, she was simply sitting in the chair while drying her hair when it suddenly exploded. Fortunately, she survived the incident, thanks to surgeons who removed fragments of screws and plastic from her flesh.

Another tragic incident took place in 2009 in the Shandong Province of China, where a 14-year-old boy lost his life when his office chair exploded. The explosion was gruesome, with metal fragments flying into his lower body, causing fatal bleeding. The root cause of these explosions was attributed to the gas cylinders in the chair.

In 2008, another alarming incident occurred when a 65-year-old man suffered severe injuries to his back and arms due to a 150 mm steel rod being forcefully ejected from an exploding chair. The steel rod had such velocity that it hit the ceiling, creating a dangerous situation.

It’s important to note that while these incidents are indeed unsettling, they are exceptional cases. Most reputable office chair manufacturers adhere to strict safety standards to ensure the comfort and safety of users. Therefore, individuals should not be unduly alarmed when shopping for office chairs, as the likelihood of such incidents occurring is exceedingly low.

Causes of Office Chair Explosions: Understanding the Risks

Sitting comfortably in your office chair, you may not realise the potential dangers that lurk beneath the surface. While office chair explosions may sound like something out of a Hollywood action film, they do occur, albeit rarely.

So, buckle up (safely), and let’s dive into the world of office chair explosions.

The Role of Pressurised Tanks

Before we delve into the causes of office chair explosions, it’s important to understand a key component involved – pressurised tanks. Many office chairs come equipped with an installed pressurised tank located underneath the seat. These tanks vary in size, and their purpose is to provide adjustable height and suspension for the chair.

It’s worth noting that manufacturers adhere to strict safety standards when producing office chairs. However, incidents involving explosions have occurred due to the use of inexpensive airlift chairs that compromise on quality.

Some manufacturers may choose chairs fitted with pressurised air instead of those with seat cushions as a cost-cutting measure. This decision can lead to potential risks for users.

one is an gas cylinders with unstable air pressure and the other is an gas cylinders with stable air pressure, we should choose the gas cylinders with stable air pressure.

Types of Office Chairs: Hydraulic Cylinders vs. Gas Cylinders

When it comes to office chair mechanisms, there are primarily two types:

hydraulic cylinders and gas cylinders.

Hydraulic cylinders rely on liquid pressure for height adjustment, while gas cylinders utilise compressed air or gas.

Most modern ergonomic and gaming chairs feature gas cylinders-powered mechanisms as they offer superior suspension and easy adjustability. A gas cylinders spring mechanism allows users to effortlessly change the height by simply pressing down on a lever. In some cases, oil is used to lubricate these springs for smooth movement.

Friction: A Potential Culprit

Friction plays a significant role in office chair explosions. If your chair lacks a gas cylinders or gas spring mechanism, it is likely that friction is causing the problem. These chairs typically have a design compatible with cylinders, and when damaged, the cylinder may need to be replaced.

When replacing the gas cylinders, proper placement is essential to avoid accidents. Mishandling during replacement can lead to injuries, often more common than explosions themselves. Therefore, it’s crucial to follow proper procedures and seek professional assistance if needed.

Factors Contributing to Explosions

While rare, office chair explosions can occur due to various factors. Here are some possible contributors:

1. Overloading

Exceeding the weight limit recommended by the manufacturer puts excessive strain on the chair’s components, including the pressurised tank. Over time, this could lead to potential failure and possibly an explosion.

2. Poor Maintenance

Neglecting regular chair maintenance can increase the risk of malfunctions and accidents. Lubrication of moving parts and periodic inspections are essential for identifying any potential issues before they escalate.

3. Manufacturing Defects

In some cases, manufacturing defects may be responsible for office chair explosions. This highlights the importance of purchasing chairs from reputable manufacturers who prioritise safety standards.

4. Extreme Temperatures

Extreme heat or cold can affect the integrity of materials used in office chairs and potentially compromise their structural stability over time.

5. Improper Use

Using your office chair in ways it wasn’t designed for increases the likelihood of accidents. Leaning back excessively or using it as a ladder substitute can put unnecessary stress on its components.

By understanding these contributing factors and taking appropriate precautions, you can significantly reduce the risk of an office chair explosion in your workspace.

Office Chair Explosion Effect

Office chair explosions may seem improbable, but when they occur, they can have dire consequences. Understanding the potential dangers associated with these incidents is essential for workplace safety.

Injuries to Individuals: Office chair explosions can cause serious injuries to employees. When a chair unexpectedly breaks or collapses, individuals seated on it can fall, leading to various types of injuries, including sprains, fractures, and even head injuries.

Damage to Property and Surroundings: It’s not just individuals at risk. The force generated during a chair explosion can also lead to damage to nearby property and surroundings. Computers, office equipment, and even nearby walls can suffer harm, resulting in costly repairs or replacements.

Legal and Financial Consequences for Businesses: Beyond immediate injuries and property damage, office chair explosions can have long-lasting legal and financial repercussions for businesses.

Employers can be held liable for workplace injuries, leading to lawsuits and substantial financial settlements. Moreover, insurance premiums may increase, affecting the company’s bottom line.

Office Chair Explosion Solution

To address concerns related to office chair safety and minimise the potential risks, here are some solutions:

Things to Be Alert For

To prevent an explosion from occurring, it is crucial to recognize the warning signs of a chair at risk. Here are some telltale signs to watch for:

Unusual Noises: When using the chair, pay attention to any creaking, crackling, or unusual noises. These sounds can indicate stress on the chair’s components.

Unusual noises when using office chairs

Unstable or Wobbly Base: If your office chair feels unstable or wobbles when you sit on it, it’s a clear warning sign. An unstable base can lead to catastrophic failures.

Office chairs that are visibly wobbly and unstable are one of the precursors to a dangerous situation

Visible Wear and Tear: Regularly inspect your chair for visible wear and tear, such as frayed upholstery, loose bolts, or cracks in the frame. Any visible damage should be addressed promptly.

Office chair gas cylinder, chassis, seat and other parts of the visible cracks

Loose or Missing Parts: Check for loose or missing parts, including screws, nuts, or casters. Even a single missing or loose component can compromise the chair’s stability.

mechanism or missing screws in the chassis or other locations can also lead to dangerous situations.

Preventing Office Chair Explosions

Regular Maintenance: Regularly inspect chairs for wear, loose parts, and strange noises. Promptly repair or replace damaged chairs.

Proper Assembly: Follow manufacturer instructions to assemble chairs correctly. Incorrect assembly increases the risk of failures.

Weight Limits: Ensure users stay within specified weight limits to prevent overloading and wear on chair components.

Safe Usage: Educate employees on safe chair usage. Discourage misuse and promote responsible sitting and movement.

Office chair explosion: Safety Measures

In the event of a potential office chair explosion, it’s crucial to have safety measures in place to protect individuals and minimise harm. Here’s what you need to know:

Evacuation Procedures:

Establish clear evacuation procedures in your workplace. In case of a chair explosion or any other emergency, employees should know how to evacuate safely. Identify exit routes, assembly points, and the person responsible for leading the evacuation. Regular drills and training sessions can ensure everyone is prepared.

First Aid Steps:

Train designated employees in basic first aid skills. If an office chair explosion leads to injuries, immediate response can make a significant difference. First aid kits should be readily accessible and regularly checked to ensure they are well-stocked and up to date.

Reporting Incidents:

Encourage a culture of reporting incidents promptly. In the event of a chair explosion or even a near-miss incident, employees should know how to report it to both their immediate supervisor and the relevant authorities or safety officer. Quick reporting allows for investigation and preventive actions to be taken.

Final Tips

In the world of modern workplaces, where comfort and productivity intersect, it’s essential to remember that safety should always remain a top priority. By exploring the world of office chair explosions, we have learned about the risks, causes, and most importantly, the preventive measures you can take to protect your workplace.

Understanding the causes behind office chair explosions empowers us to take proactive steps. Regular inspections, proper assembly, adherence to weight limits, and promoting safe usage guidelines are essential components of a safety-conscious workplace.

Moreover, in the unfortunate event of a potential chair explosion, having robust safety measures in place, including well-defined evacuation procedures and first aid response, can make all the difference in minimising harm and ensuring a swift, coordinated response.

At VASEAT, we are committed to providing solutions that prioritise both comfort and safety. Our range of office chairs is designed with quality, durability, and user well-being in mind. We understand the importance of a comfortable workspace that fosters productivity while ensuring the highest standards of safety.

Thank you for joining us on this informative journey. Together, we can ensure that your workspace is not only productive but also a safe haven for all.

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