Top 15 Office Furniture Suppliers in Malaysia: A Detailed Guide

by Administrator | Sep 07, 2023

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

    In the modern business world, setting up an office is not merely about filling a space with desks and chairs. It’s about creating a dynamic and inspiring environment that encourages productivity and represents brand identity.

    This is where the role of office furniture manufacturers becomes paramount. From ergonomic chairs and desks that enhance comfort and productivity to bespoke pieces that breathe life into the office, choosing the right furniture Manufacturer in Malaysia can make all the difference.

    The Malaysian furniture industry is a vibrant and key player in the global market, renowned for its innovative designs, quality craftsmanship, and enticing blend of modernity and tradition.

    However, with its broad spectrum of Malaysia furniture manufacturers and suppliers, sifting through the choices and finding the right match for your needs can be a daunting task.

    That’s why we’ve stepped in to make your search easier.

    In this comprehensive guide, we’ve done the legwork to bring you the cream of the crop, the leading Malaysian furniture manufacturers in the office segment.

    So, let’s get started.

    Top 15 Office Furniture Suppliers in Malaysia

    • Merryfair
    • Wysen
    • LenZon Marketing Sdn Bhd
    • AM Office Furniture
    • Office Gap Supply Malaysia
    • Safari Office System
    • APEX Office Furniture
    • MECO Office System Sdn Bhd
    • MATIC
    • KOKUYO
    • Tekkashop
    • Abitex
    • Bristol 
    • Tomta Furniture Manufacturer Sdn Bhd
    • Sintrium

    Navigating the labyrinth of office furniture suppliers in Malaysia can be strenuous.

    Thus, in our quest to provide you with a list of the most outstanding suppliers, we have curated a rigorous set of selection criteria to ensure that we identify manufacturers who stand out from the crowd.

    Cutting corners isn’t in our lexicon. We’ve pursued a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach to bring forth suppliers whose products are the epitome of value and quality.

    Here’s a detailed look at each supplier, revealing their unique features, strengths, and product highlights.

    1. Merryfair

    Merryfair Logo
    source: Merryfair

    Established Since: 1974

    Headquarters: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    At the heart of every successful office is a foundation of robust and comfortable furniture, and Merryfair rallies to this cause impressively. Built upon the values of comfort, style, and functionality, Merryfair has positioned itself as a leading office furniture brand in Malaysia.

    Their ethos revolves around elevating the human experience of work and interaction, essentially creating delightful workspaces that not only look good but foster productivity, collaboration, and wellness.

    Their product range is a testament to their commitment to infusing modernity and functionality in every single piece. In addition to their incredible portfolio, their focus on sustainable furniture design and materials display their dedication to responsible operations, standing at the nexus of quality manufacturing and environmental consciousness.

    Other Products Offered:

    2. Wysen

    Wysen Logo
    source: Wysen

    Established Since: 1999

    Headquarters: Puchong, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

    Wysen illuminates the Malaysian office furniture landscape with its compelling range of high-quality designs, blending aesthetics and functionality to enrich the work experience. Setting foot on the office furniture scene in 1999, Wysen has firmly established its credentials as a trusted supplier and exporter on a global scale.

    With keen attention to ergonomics, material quality, and durability, Wysen’s mission aligns perfectly with evolving workspace demands, underlining its commitment to enhancing productivity and workplace wellness.

    In addition, Wysen holds an ISO certification, affirming its adherence to stringent quality and safety standards. Their enthusiastic and experienced team brings their unique expertise to the table, providing scalable solutions that cater to a diverse clientele from large corporations to SME enterprises.

    Other Products Offered:

    3. LenZon Marketing Sdn Bhd

    LenZon Marketing Sdn Bhd Logo
    source: LenZon Marketing Sdn Bhd

    Established Since: 2001

    Headquarters: Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

    LenZon Marketing Sdn Bhd is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of office furniture systems that grace Malaysia’s corporate environments. With a commitment to creating comfortable and functional furniture, LenZon’s products stand the test of time, exuding class and elegance in any office space.

    Incorporating practical solutions with a keen eye for design, the company curates modern office interiors reflecting clients’ needs and aspirations.

    The driving force behind LenZon’s success lies in its multi-faceted expertise, including furniture manufacturing, interior design, and business development. By understanding the intricacies of the corporate culture, they craft unique office open plans that foster camaraderie, creativity, and efficiency in the workplace.

    Other Products Offered:

    • Office Phone Booths
    • Office System Furniture (Workstations and Partition Systems)
    • Office Tables and Desks
    • Meeting Tables
    • Lounge Chairs and Bar Stools

    4. AM Office Furniture

    AM Office Furniture Logo
    source: AM Office Furniture

    Established Since: 1995

    Headquarters: Sungai Buloh, Selangor, Malaysia

    Marking its spot as one of the most renowned office furniture suppliers in Malaysia, AM Office Furniture has delivered high-quality office solutions to its customers for over 28 years. Supportive of both startups and multinational companies, AM Office Furniture aims to turn dreams into reality by translating company values and culture into functional office design.

    Their extensive portfolio spans a range of innovative office products that meet and exceed the needs of today’s dynamic workspaces. AM Office Furniture aspires to create inspiring working environments that promote productivity, collaboration, and creativity while keeping the well-being of the workforce at its core.

    Other Products Offered:

    5. Office Gap Supply Malaysia

    Office Gap Supply Malaysia Logo
    source: Office Gap Supply Malaysia

    Established Since: 2012

    Headquarters: Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

    With a decade-long presence in the Malaysian market, Office Gap Supply Malaysia has carved out a reputable niche as a dependable office furniture supplier, putting customer satisfaction at the forefront. As a part of KT World Trading Group, Office Gap Supply brings a wide assortment of office furniture to satisfy all workplace needs. With an emphasis on speed, quality, and post-sales service, they deliver remarkable value to their customers.

    The extensive variety of Office Gap Supply’s product line speaks volumes about its commitment to meeting diverse customer needs.

    They stay abreast with the latest trends without compromising on the timeless classics, thus catering to different tastes and preferences. Their offering range spans from standard office furniture pieces to specialized products like notice boards, outdoor furniture, and steel furniture.

    Other Products Offered:

    • Operating Tables and Desks
    • Cabinets and Bookcases
    • Office Workstations and Partitions
    • Steel Furniture
    • Restaurant and Cafeteria Furniture
    • Outdoor Furniture

    6. Safari Office System

    Safari Office System Logo
    source: Safari Office System

    Established Since: 1981

    Headquarters: Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

    Safari Office System is a leading modern office system provider in Malaysia that empowers its customers to inspire limitless possibilities within their workplace. With a focus on facilitating seamless productivity, the company offers a broad range of office systems that blend performance, aesthetics, and comfort.

    Taking each step of production in their stride – from design concept to finished product, all processes are conducted within a highly specialized 250,000 square feet factory. This enables Safari Office System to maintain strict control over quality and uphold its commitment to using durable, high-quality materials.

    With over 4500 successful projects under their belt since 1981, the company has firmly positioned itself as a one-stop center for comprehensive office system solutions.

    Other Products Offered:

    • Partition Desks
    • Sofas
    • Workstations
    • Cabinets
    • Coffee Tables

    7. APEX Office Furniture

    APEX Office Furniture Logo
    source: APEX Office Furniture

    Established Since: 2005

    Headquarters: Puchong, Selangor D.E, Malaysia

    APEX Office Furniture is on a mission to redesign the future of workplaces in Malaysia. APEX is a trusted name in the market that specializes in offering mid to high-end corporate office furniture and seating that can significantly enhance the look and feel of an office, thereby promoting an effective and conducive working environment.

    Driven by innovation and design excellence, APEX believes in the power of good design transforming the workplace into an inspiring space where ideas prosper. They provide highly customizable solutions, empowering businesses to choose office furniture that reflects their brand identity and creates an optimal work environment that promotes productivity and employee wellbeing.

    Other Products Offered:

    • Office System Furniture
    • Seating
    • Conference & Meeting
    • Education Furniture
    • Hospitality & Food Court
    • Storage
    • Office Tools and Accessories

    8. MECO Office System Sdn Bhd

    MECO Office System Sdn Bhd Logo
    source: MECO Office System Sdn Bhd

    Established Since: 2009

    Headquarters: Shah Alam, Selangor Malaysia

    MECO Office System Sdn Bhd is a stalwart in the Malaysian office furniture market, offering a comprehensive spectrum of office furniture systems, including tables, chairs, open-plan partitions, steel cabinets, and conferencing solutions among others.

    First setting up a retail office in Shah Alam, Malaysia, in March 2009, MECO Office System specializes in professional workplace solutions providing contemporary furniture design to create an environment conducive to productivity. It brings together suppliers and clients forging an extensive office renovation network.

    The company sets extremely high standards for its range of products and services, ensuring the delivery of purposeful, contemporary office furniture that not only meets the needs of modern working environments but fosters creativity, collaboration, and productivity.

    Other Products Offered:

    • Conference Tables
    • Open Plan Partitions
    • Steel Cabinets
    • Office Accessories
    • Work Tools
    • Panel Systems

    9. MATIC

    MATIC Office Furniture Logo
    source: MATIC Office Furniture

    Established Since: 1982

    Headquarters: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    MATIC Office Furniture has achieved a sterling reputation as a top-tier provider of innovative and sustainable office furnishing solutions in Malaysia. Helping reimagine spaces while activating passion, MATIC believes in infusing every workspace with flexibility and liveliness, thereby inspiring creativity and fostering productivity.

    With an experience of over 30 years in designing and manufacturing office furniture, the company delivers products that combine quality, sustainability, and affordability. MATIC’s furniture solutions are notable for their refined taste coupled with advanced functionality and simplicity.

    Retaining the highest industry standards, the company fulfills the expectations of modern office aesthetics while facilitating the diverse work styles in today’s dynamic work culture.

    The company believes in harnessing the power of eco-friendly practices, with each of its pieces manufactured using recyclable materials without compromising on quality. MATIC proudly produces high-quality items that meet BIFMA standards and are certified by SGS and Green Guard.

    Other Products Offered:

    • Desks and Workspaces
    • Tables
    • Storage
    • Accessories

    10. KOKUYO 

    KOKUYO Logo
    source: KOKUYO

    Established Since: 1905

    Headquarters: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Japanese brand, KOKUYO has been a leading provider of quality office furniture since 1905. With a core philosophy pivoting around a deep understanding of users’ style, habits, and practicality, KOKUYO has set benchmarks in designing and supplying furniture to the Malaysian market that meets and oftentimes exceeds customer expectations.

    They excel in amalgamating tradition with innovation, resulting in intuitive and superior design aesthetics that cater to varying workplace environments.

    Other Products Offered:

    • Meeting Tables
    • Meeting Chairs
    • Whiteboards
    • Collaborative Furniture Pieces

    11. Tekkashop

    Tekkashop Logo
    source: Tekkashop

    Established Since: 2015

    Headquarters: WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Tekkashop brings an innovative and fresh approach to the design and functionality of office furniture. They create artistic and stylish products with the view of turning every office space into a stimulating workplace. Starting from small compact office chairs to larger conference facilities, Tekkashop’s furniture is designed with a focus on style, comfort, and functionality.

    The company offers a wide variety of office furnishings online, with an emphasis on outstanding customer service and fast delivery all across Malaysia.

    Other Products Offered:

    • Workstations
    • Meeting Booths
    • Recliners
    • Director Chairs
    • Lounge Chairs

    12. Abitex

    Abitex Logo
    source: Abitex

    Established Since: 1985

    Headquarters: Rawang, Selangor, Malaysia

    Abitex is recognized as a prominent sofa and outdoor furniture manufacturer and hotel furniture supplier, offering a plethora of furniture choices that serve to illuminate both homes and office spaces in Malaysia.

    The company’s operations pivoted around using the most recent technology and proven manufacturing methods that offer a spectrum of choices, uniquely catering to their clients’ furniture tastes and lifestyles since 1985.

    Famed for creating comfortable, durable, and stylish pieces, Abitex has solidified its foothold in the furniture industry. Whether it’s a traditional touch or a contemporary feel, Abitex customizes its products to fit the customers’ needs.

    Other Products Offered:

    • Bookcases
    • Sideboards
    • Stools
    • Bedside tables
    • Writing/Study Tables
    • Dressing Chairs
    • Modular Sofas

    13. Bristol 

    Bristol Logo
    source: Bristol

    Established Since: 1983 

    Headquarters: Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

    Bristol is a highly esteemed brand specializing in office furniture, renowned for its innovative outlook and strong commitment to excellence in design and practicality in Malaysia. Bristol’s contributions to unique design concepts and optimal utilization of space align much with contemporary office needs.

    Their holistic approach to office layout designing and furnishing integrates comfort, functionality, and aesthetic value all into one.

    Earning an Archidex award manifests Bristol’s commitment to not only quality but also to sophistication and uniqueness in design. The company has a diverse clientele, the product offerings of which cater to an array of office spaces, be it private offices or coworking spaces.

    Other Products Offered:

    • Meeting Room Furniture
    • Private Office Furnishings
    • Storage Solutions
    • Executive Seating
    • Lobby / Reception Furniture

    14. Tomta Furniture Manufacturer Sdn Bhd

    Tomta Furniture Logo
    source: Tomta Furniture

    Established Since: 1992

    Headquarters: Batang Berjuntai, Selangor, Malaysia

    As a leading office furniture manufacturer in Malaysia since 1992, Tomta Furniture Manufacturer Sdn Bhd has strategically positioned itself to be the preferred dealer, distributor, and manufacturer of professional office and commercial furnishing solutions. Their innovative product line addresses various office needs – from personal workspaces to big corporate offices.

    Tomta prioritizes user comfort and convenience, infusing flexibility in their designs that can adapt to any office space, regardless of size. Their range of functional and flexible designs effectively balances aesthetics with practicality, ensuring a stimulating workplace.

    Other Products Offered:

    • Lounge Seating
    • Tables
    • Storage solutions
    • Space Division Pieces (Panels, Screens, Dividers)
    • Accessories

    15. Sintrium

    Sintrium Logo
    source: Sintrium

    Established Since: 2005

    Headquarters: Pusat Bandar Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

    Sintrium has held its position as a leading manufacturer and supplier of office furniture in Malaysia since 2005. Known for its diversity in quality open-plan office furniture systems and modular office furniture solutions, Sintrium’s pieces are designed to cater to the ideal working office environment.

    Sintrium’s success over the years is a testament to its consistent delivery of quality, innovative, and awe-inspiring designs. Working with a team of passionate professionals, they have gone beyond local borders and built a global reputation for furnishing office spaces with style and modern office furniture.

    Other Products Offered:

    • Office Sofas
    • Office Chairs
    • Banquet Chairs
    • Conference Tables
    • Sofas
    • Gaming Chairs

    Wrapping it Up!

    The realm of office furniture manufacturing in Malaysia is distinguished by a handful of industry frontrunners who exhibit a remarkable fusion of aesthetics, design, and practicality.

    Each of these trustworthy suppliers mentioned above has carved its distinctive niche in the market – with an array of stylish, functionally superior, and cost-effective office furniture solutions on offer. The consistency of these companies in quality assurance and the pursuit of innovation continues to redefine office environment landscapes, setting new benchmarks for comfort, style, and functional efficiency.

    Hence, these companies deserve considerable acknowledgment as top players in the Malaysian office furniture industry.

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