Ergonomic Office Chair

Cushion Fabrics Ergonomic Office Chair


Shop Cushion Fabrics Ergonomic Office Chair, compared with the ordinary full mesh ergonomic chair, Cushion Fabrics in the comfort level can bring a better comfort.


Take a Closer Look of
Cushion Fabrics Ergonomic Office Chair

  • BIFMA Standard Ergonomic Black Office Chair
  • 4D adjustment armrest: front and rear adjustment, up and down adjustment, left and right rotation adjustment,width adjustment
  • Mechanism: Aluminum precision mechanism 5-position locking.
  • 350# aluminum polish base ,static pressure bearing 1136 kg.
  • Tension adjustment system adjusts back tightness.
  • Back and Seat with breathable mesh: Highly elastic mesh, breathable and comfortable

Determine the function

An office chair has a luxurious and beautiful appearance, comfort or rely on the mechanism to achieve. The quality of a mechanism determines the quality of some experience, including if the chair has noise, the chair shakes, the chair can not lift, the back of the chair is sagging a lot of mechanism problems. Can see how important the mechanism.

Determine chair armrests

Whether you choose fixed armrests, 2D armrests, 3D armrests, 4D armrests, you can also choose to increase the width adjustment. The width adjustment ensures that the support for the arms is close to the body, making the user in a comfortable and stress-free state.

Confirm seat base size

The base of all Vaseat office chairs are mainly made of nylon and aluminum. As the main support of the chair, its load-bearing properties as well as safety performance is crucial. Both of our chair base are made of these two materials have a strong load-bearing capacity, and the quality is stable and the safety performance is extremely high.

Color and fabric

Chair fabric passed the color fastness test, friction test, this chair fabric is not decolorized, no pilling, no lint, breathable and fresh. You do not have to worry about the service life of the fabric, after the relevant tear strength test: vertical 116N, horizontal 176N, we guarantee the service life of the chair fabric is three years, will not be damaged.

Various Colour
To Choose

X3-01A-F Black

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  • Full Fabrics Ergonomic Office Chair X3-01A-F
  • Full Fabrics Ergonomic Office Chair X3-01A-F
  • Full Fabrics Ergonomic Office Chair X3-01A-F
  • Full Fabrics Ergonomic Office Chair X3-01A-F
  • Full Fabrics Ergonomic Office Chair X3-01A-F


Full Fabrics Ergonomic Office Chair X3-01A-F Sketch and dimensions of each part
packing-method1pc/ctn OR 2pc/ctn
lead-time5-25 days depends on the order quantity
warranty5 years

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I have a tour of your factory?

    Our experts will guide you through the entire Vaseat tour (both offline and online).

  • About Vaseat warranty period?

    5 years, we will locate the problem and send you a new solution, and ship you brand new parts free of charge.

  • Can you deliver to my freight forwarder in China?

    Yes, we offer shipping arrangements to China, and we will safely deliver even a single sample to your forwarder.

  • What kind of customization services can I get?

    Depending on your type of business and business purpose, we will provide very flexible customization services, such as logo printing, packaging customization, special color customization, marketing brochure customization services, etc.

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